About the Project

Project Objective

PRAGSAC seeks to work through school visits and school clubs to give students first-hand practical Astronomy information and an appreciation of the importance and benefits of the Ghana Radio Astronomy Observatory (GRAO) at Kuntunse.

Project Duration

The project set to commence in August 2018 in Schools near the GRAO will involve the design and development of learning materials; workshops, schools visits, formation of astronomy clubs, an interactive website to showcase activities in different schools and the maiden quiz on astronomy for Junior High School students. Students will have the opportunity to visit the observatory at Kuntunse and the planetarium in Accra.

Project Results

The PRAGSAC website will report on activities of the clubs. However, formal monthly reports will also be drafted. The project aims that by December 2018, around 500 students will be have been introduced to astronomy and radio astronomy through initial school visits, and astronomy clubs will have been set up in 4 schools.

About Us

The project “Promoting Astronomy in Ghana through School Visits and Astronomy Clubs” (PRAGSAC) opens a large door of activity into various practical astronomy topics to unleash students’ interest in science for an informed career choice.


Promote Astronomy through schools and clubs.


Improve everyday life of individual and promote national development through applying the Astronomy principles and adopting astronomy skillset.


Why Partner with Us?

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